Data Entry

Data Entry and Conversion

STAPS offers high-quality, cost-effective solutions for your time-critical and cost-sensitive data entry and data conversion projects.

Data Monitoring

Data Monitoring Services

Data Monitoring allows an organization to proactively maintain a high, consistent standard of data quality. Data monitoring software helps you measure and track your data using dashboards, alerts and reports.

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Who is STAPS?

STA Premier Solution (STAPS) is a Back office and Business Process Outsourcing company based in Irving Texas.  STAPS provides services such as Data Entry, Account Management, Account Analysis and Account Monitoring for our customer’s business. STAPS are more than a traditional BPO services provider. Our Customers benefit from the deep expertise we’ve earned by tackling the complex challenges of your industry. STAPS team brings considerable talent and experience in a variety of fields.


Focus on Core Activities

When you allocate more resources to performing secondary activities, you have less resource to provide quality front-end services. STAPS frees up more of your resources so that you can use them where it counts

Reduced Overhead/Operational Cost

Overhead costs of performing a back-office function are extremely high. Back-office functions that are complicated in nature, but the size of your company is preventing you from performing them at a consistent and reasonable cost. Consider using STAPS for those functions which can be moved easily

Staffing Flexibility

STAPS allows you to make use of additional staffing resources when you need them, with no commitment to keep them on when you don’t have the need. By keeping a scalable team of resources available, you can meet your customers’ needs with increased flexibility

Improved services

When you partner with STAPS, you are also improving your service offerings. Because you are continuing to provide high-quality deliverables while decreasing lead time, your products or services reach the marketplace sooner

Develop Internal Staff

STAPS continue to develop its team by providing trainings to its staff. Depending on the type of work, STAPS provides on-the-job training for its team. STAPS structured on-the-job training is useful for developing staff into new roles with more responsibility

Continuity & Risk Management

Employee turnover will add uncertainty and inconsistency to the operations. STAPS will provide a level of continuity to its customer while reducing the risk that a substandard level of operation would bring to the business

Our Background

Company History

STAPS was formed in the year 2016 in Texas. We offer various BPO solutions. Qualified and experienced talents are sourced and used from all over the world to reduce work delivery time, increase performance and deliver premium service to the customer. The company has been formed with the vision of assisting firms to save costs, increase efficiency and introduce advanced technology to broaden the customers capacity in most fields. Members of the Board consists of experience in the Banking, Investment and various other business fields.

What we do

Our Services

All industry sectors

STAPS provides Data Entry, Account Management, Account Analysis and Account Monitoring services to meet the specific needs of our clients from all industry sectors.